Joule's copy of the official Mandate Far Eden handbook.

  • Movement and camera

Welcome to your first shift on Far Eden. After waking from cryogenic sleep, all Mandate personnel should slowly re-accustom their limbs to movement in order to avoid straining any antrophied muscles.

Use left stick to move. Use right stick to look around.

  • Jumping

Vertical movement is an important part of successfully navigating the rugged terrain of Far Eden.

Tap A to Jump.

Developed specifically for this vast and unforgiving environment, Mandate Exo Frames have a waist-mounted vertical thruster that allows for an extended second Jump.

Tap A and then A again while in the air to Double Jump.

Experimenting with the timing of these button presses can extend a Jump much farther or allow for swift changes in direction.

  • Dashing

Your Mandate Exo Frame is also equipped with lateral thrusters. These ankle-mounted components allow for quick bursts of forward, backward or side to side movement.

Tap B while moving to execute a short Dash. hold the button for a longer Dash distance.

Combining your Exo Frame's Jump and Dash together will greatly extend the distance you can cover. For the most distance, first Dash off of a ledge, Double Jump with A + A, and then Dash again while still in the air.

F the most distance, first Dash off of a ledge, Double Jump with or